Meeting Harley Quinn

Surprise meeting of a Batman nemesis!

Harley Quinn and an admirer

One of Gotham City's own spooks, Harley Quinn, decided to make her presence known. While waiting to re-enter the show, she suddenly appeared. Apparently, she was exiting the show, perhaps to do something nefarious in New York.

We'll never tell!

This was indeed a fun sight, and I got this photograph. She apparently was a light person, as she reportedly weighed in at 90 pounds.

Christine, our own 1966 Catwoman, later reported that she and Harley had met with each other.

I did not get to pose with Harley, because the admissions line started to move. And I had to make my way to the 1966 "Rock Star" Batmobile.

I spotted a modern-day Batman with a modern Catwoman at the hotel the night before. Sadly, I did not get a photo of this good-looking couple.


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