Catfan, Catwoman and Batman!

Catfan Timothy Forbes (the Webjefe, at left) poses with Catwoman (Christine Johnson) and Batman (Scott Sebring) on 29 October 2005.

With Catwoman—
and Batman, too!

I finally catch up with THIS Dynamic Duo!

Once I caught up with Catwoman (Christine Johnson) and Batman (Scott Sebring), we hung out around Dan Rodriguez's 1966 Batmobile. This was a gathering place for people I knew from the 1966 Batman Message Board. Working with both Christine and Scott was a real honour, as they are both real professionals. Christine herself, especially, was a joy, because she has the prerequisite feline qualities for the role. And she is even blonder than Julie Newmar!

I finally met Scott for the first time face to face at Newark International Airport that morning. He was exhausted from his trip, which began in Los Angeles. After sleeping for a bit to get rest, Scott was up and ready as the Caped Crusader. His portrayal of the Adam West Batman is uncanny!

This was one very cold day. Being outside was not easy! However, the security of Dan's spot helped a lot! Also, meeting other people was a real joy! Dan himself is such a cool guy. He also owns both a 1966 Imperial "Black Beauty" and (soon) a 1989 Batmobile. The "Black Beauty" was the vehicle used in The Green Hornet (1966).


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