Daveigh Chase and Christine

Our group meets with Daveigh Chase, left. Fifteen-year-old Ms. Chase provided the voice of Lilo in the 2002 movie Lilo & Stitch.

Stepping out with the Gothamites

Fun was had at a steak house!

After the day's duties were done, a group of Batfans and Catfans decided to step out for food and festivities. Billy Loyd and I ate at a local steakhouse the night before, and recommended it to the others. As we drove there, I pointed out the "Gotham Parkway" signs to my passengers, who put up with my brisk driving style!

Lack of alcohol did not mean a lack of silliness, though!

The ladies had fun with a chalkboard that was used as a restaurant menu, changing the wording on it to something off-colour. We definitely had a chance to unwind, and to spend time together.

The Gothamites!

A shot of us Gothamites.

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