Catfan with Noel Neill

Who would have though back in 1965 that I would get to meet the one who played Lois Lane? I neved did! Before Catwoman, I had met Lois Lane!

Meeting Noel Neill

Catfan comes face to face with star of The Adventures of Superman!

Perhaps I was insane.

Or maybe not.

I had told Wally Wingert the previous night about my phobia about meeting celebrities. In my case, it is due to a lack of self esteem and the accompanying fear. I would never know if I was "good enough" to meet someone in the flesh.

But by this time, I was already on good terms with actor Leonard Stone. And if there had to be anyone I had to meet, it was Noel Neill, who played Lois Lane in The Adventures of Superman from 1953 to 1957. I immediately loved Ms. Neill since I first saw her. That was back in 1965, when TAOS was airing on WPIX in New York. We received that channel thanks to cable TV.

So, I steeled myself, hoping I would not make myself look like a moron. And when I met her, I was in awe. Noel Neill IS one of the sweetest human beings God put on this planet. I showed her a printout of the 1966 comics page. She seemed surprised that Catwoman reappeared in a Lois Lane comic (#70, November 1966). This fact definitely caught her eye. I also told her of my journalism background and of my Syracuse University degree.

Ms. Neill also told me that she had indeed planned on being a real-life journalist. Her father had been a newspaper editor for Minneapolis newspapers. However, this did not work out, so she ended up in motion pictures instead. Ms. Neill first played Lois Lane in 1948, in the Superman serial, starring Kirk Alyn (1910-1999). Incidentally, she (and TAOS co-star Jack Larsen) is scheduled to appear in Superman Returns this year.

After talking with Ms. Neill for 5 to 10 minutes, I did purchase a signed picture, and had my photo taken with her (above). Meeting Noel Neill alone was well worth the trip. This was one truly memorable moment!


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