Catfan with Adam West

The Catfan himself finally sits with Batman himself, Adam West!

Meeting Adam West

Without the Bat, there would be no Cat!

Not too long after meeting the lovely Noel Neill, I was standing around Dan Rodriguez's vintage cars when Billy Loyd summoned me to the autograph tent. One priority was to meet the quintessential Batman himself, Adam West. It is no exaggeration to say that I have known this man since 12 January 1966, when I first saw Batman.

I took immediately to the seris and to him from the moment I saw "Hi Diddle Riddle" that night. From that time onward, I watched that show faithfully until the end of 1967. By then, I was disappointed with what the series producers and network had done with the show. By then, I was watching The Avengers and (occasionally) The FBI.

However, I still held Adam West in high regard. I felt bad when I heard he had to deal with bad times in his career, because they were undeserved. When it came to seeing him, I actually first saw him in person at the Super Mega Show in July 2005. That show was held within a couple of miles of Chiller. I was too much in awe of Adam, and and heard he was in pain. As a result, I did not meet him at that time.

Well, Billy Loyd dragged me over. I was not only able to get my photo taken with the legendary performer, but also got a signed photograph. I not only want to thank Billy and John Stacks, but also Fred Westbrook, who does a great job in caring for Adam. Fred's job is thankless, but given how Adam West has been treated in the past, necessary.

To sum up, this Catfan says, "Without the Bat, there'd be no Cat!" Thank you Adam, Fred and Billy!


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