Catfan with Catwoman Adrienne Barbeau

The last major event: Catfan (Timothy Forbes) meets the current Catwoman, Adrienne Barbeau. Yes, the current!

Meeting Adrienne Barbeau

Catwoman’s “voice” is one sweet lady!

One thing I decided to do at the last minute was to meet Adrienne Barbeau. I felt a sense of duty, since she is the current Catwoman.

Yes, the current Catwoman.

This role has been Ms. Barbeau's longest-running role. She also has played Catwoman longer than any other performer. Since 1992, she has voiced the Feline Fatale, from Batman: The Animated Series to the Web-based Gotham Girls.

I managed to get into the tent to see Ms. Barbeau through the courtesy of staff workers, since I was working with Dan Rodriguez. I did not know what to expect, but was soon put to ease when I approached her table. I took a photo of her with another fan, and then signed up for her Web site mailing list. I was only too happy to do that.

Then I spoke with Ms. Barbeau, and had my picture taken with her. Yes, Adrienne Barbeau is one gorgeous looking lady, even at age 60. She is also one sweet lady to meet in person! I was not aware of the size of her heart, but she was most gracious and kind. I did get a signed photograph: An animation cell of Catwoman from Batman: The Animated Series. Only appropriate for a Catfan!

This was a purr-fect way to end a most memorable event! I was so happy that I accomplished what I wanted, and more! And it is no surprise that Ms. Barbeau has acquired a new fan!

Most importantly, I want to thank everyone for this memorable weekend: Billy Loyd, Dan Rodriguez, Christine Johnson, Leonard Stone, Scott Sebring, Noel Neill, Adam West, Fred Westbrook, Adrienne Barbeau and Wally Wingert. This event brought a lot of joy, and the memories will remain with me!



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