Catwoman present at Chiller Theatre! A view of Gotham Parkway!

Chiller Theatre 2005

Lee Meriwether, Adrienne Barbeau among featured guests!

Selina Kyle would have been proud!

Two of her alter egos, not to mention Catfans and Batfans and other Gothamites, attended Chiller Theatre 2005, held on 29-30 October in East Rutherford, NJ. Horror movie stars were featured guests, as were Gotham-related stars. The lineup included two who played Catwoman: Lee Meriwether, in the 1966 Batman movie; and Adrienne barbeau, who has voiced the Feline Fatale since 1992. Catwoman's beau from 1966, Adam West, was present, as was Burt Ward, who played his sidekick Robin.

Leonard Stone

The show afforded an opportunity to meet friends from the 1966 Batman Message Board. A special thanks goes out to Billy Loyd, whom I stayed with. I caught up with Billy on Friday afternoon. He drove nonstop from Mississippi in his mother's black Volvo turbo sedan. While he did not come in costume as King Tut from the 1966 Batman series, he did provide me with my Catwoman henchman outfit! He is a true gentleman!

Likewise, Dan Rodriguez deserves a special mention. His 1966 Batmobile and 1966 Green Hornet Black Beauty were the gathering place for many, many Gothamites! Dan is a gentleman, and fun to be with! You can see more photos of his cars at And Scott Sebring, the resident Batman, is also a delight! He has so much information about the Caped Crusader! Visit his site at .

Chiller Theatre was also an opportunity to meet other performers as well. I met William Schallert and Antoinette Bower; Mr. Schallert I have seen countless times. But a special salute goes to Leonard Stone, pictured above, whom I befriended on Friday afternoon. He traveled with Wally Wingert and his girlfriend, Christine Johnson.

And Christine herself was the resident Catwoman at the show! Look at these photos and see why!

Timothy J. Forbes



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