Catfan stops in Olean, on his way to Detroit!

Getting there

The trip to was a little difficult.

At the border of Seneca Nation.

Getting out of Binghamton, NY was a little difficult to do. The preparations were crazy and hectic. Not good. The weather was a little moist starting out, but the sun came out by the time I got to Allegany County. I highly recommend a drive on I-86 in Chemung, Steuben, Allegany and Cattaraugus counties, because they posses such beauty!

I made a stop in Olean, because I wanted to get cough drops. Because I had a traffic signal site that concerned installations in Western New York, I did spot an intersection I had profiled in 2002. The new signals were up, and they use the LEDs favoured for their ability to save electricity. Olean, home of St. Bonaventure University, is a pleasant community located in a beautiful region. The intersection is shown in the top photo, with my car parked on the left.

Further west, I crossed into Seneca Nation. I managed to keep going past Jamestown and then reached Erie as the sun was setting. Unfortunately, my radio stopped playing, and that made things monotonous. About 9:20 or so, I crossed into Ohio for the first time since late 1996, and finally pulled over into a Motel 6 at Mentor. I had thought of sleeping in my car at a rest stop, but since I had some extra money, I decided a bed was better.

Crossing into Seneca Nation.

Crossing another border

One interesting aspect of the trip to was crossing into Seneca Nation. Motorists on I-86 are greeted with signs that are written in both English and the Seneca language. Salamanca, a city of some 6,000 people, is the only incorporated city located fully within aboriginal territory. Since 2002 or so, a new casino has been constructed outside the city, and can be seen clearly from I-86.

Webmaster’s note: I am part Mohawk, and matters concerning Aboriginal rights concern me. These people have a rich history, and a deep reverence for what God created. This excursion in Western New York reminded me of that, and thank God!

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