Grand River Avenue in Novi, MI.

Page 2: Arriving in Novi

A little overwhelming.

I left Mentor, OH around 6 a.m., and made my way into Cleveland. As I drove through the Gothic-looking downtown area on I-90, taking a sharp left turn, and going into a long underpass, I thought of city natives Halle Berry (Catwoman, 2004) and Pengy himself, Oliver Burgess Meredith. Traffic was a little intense, but I made out fine.

When I stopped for coffee along the Ohio Turnpike, I spotted someone in a restored 1959 Pontiac Bonneville convertible. I gave him the thumbs up, and he responded positively. The Starbucks coffee made a little mess, and I was annoyed, but I persevered.

Toledo was initially a pain in the ass. I-280 was closed off, so I had to drive over on a local road or so, and the driving was crazy. My wheels spun from the wet pavement. Once I got on the highway, I kept going. Soon, I was in Michigan, and made plans to stop at the Hyundai dealership to get my radio fixed. On the way, I drove on one of the major roads, and learned that the left-turn signal could be a flashing red while the rest of the signals were green. Very purr-plexing! It would drive a household cat to drink!

I eventually made my way to the venue, after stops at Meijer, Subway and the hotel. I soon caught up with the Feline Fatale herself, Jolene Twomey, and her roomie, Billy (King Tut) Loyd. It still took me time to get there. But I was glad to get there.

The Batmobile replica

A different Batmobile

This vehicle is not Rock Star, the beauty that Dan Rodriguez owns. We hope to get more information on it. The Black Beauty replica car that was supposed to have appeared did not.


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