Catfan meets Lee Meriwether!

Meeting Lee Meriwether (again)

A formal introduction to the 1966 (movie) Feline Fatale!


I made my way over to Lee Meriwether’s table. We had met at Chiller Theatre in October 2005, but I did not get her autograph at that time. At that time, she was having a hard time contending with the cold weather, but the photo taken was classic!

This time, I got the autograph, and we had a delightful conversation. Once again, we discussed her role as Joanna Laurens in the first season of The FBI. There, she played Inspector Lewis Erskine’s love interest, a year before her role as Miss Kitka in the 1966 Batman movie. She also played the female lead in Barnaby Jones from 1973 to 1980.

One little thing about the autographed picture: As she was signing, I made reference to the FBI as the “Feline Bureau of Instigation.” I saw her laugh on that one! Try imaging Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Philip Abbott and William Reynolds wearing tiger tunics and cat ears!



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