Catfan meets Malachi Throne.Meeting Malachi Throne

Catfan got scared by False Face in 1966-and loved it!

The final cast member whose autograph I got was Malachi Throne. He played False Face in the 1966 Batman series, and gave a performance that gave me a scare.

And I loved it!

The reason? It was not something that was traumatic. Rather, it was the thrill of seeing an episode in which a villain really gave Batman a fight. The plot had unexpected twists and turns, which made for television most entertaining. Malachi Throne provided a menacing villain, perhaps the best single one in the series.

Mr. Throne also has done great work in other shows, such as The Gallant Men (1962), It Takes a Thief (1968-69) and Catch Me When You Can (2002). I got a signed photo and posed with him. He mentioned that he had been in Binghamton, NY, where I live near. Nice photo above, isn’t it?


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