Batgirl, Alex Ross style!

Meeting Batgirl!

Catfan meets an Alex Ross-style Caped Crusader.

Batgirl and Catfan

I happen to belong not only to the 1966 Batman board, but to other boards as well, including Brotherhood of the Bat. On that particular board, I had learned that a board member was making an Alex Ross Batgirl outfit.

And we caught up with each other on Friday!

Kim (I believe that is indeed her name) created most of the costume herself. She did have assistance with the cowl. Still, her outfit is a striking one indeed!

This Alex Ross Batgirl was also a smash hit at the Motor City Comic Con. She appeared on Friday and Saturday. One special touch is her “purse” that hangs from her belt. The attention to detail was unbelievable!

The Bat Gallery

Alex Ross Batgirl meets Yvonne Craig.

The Alex Ross-style Batgirl meets Yvonne Craig.

Another photo with Yvonne, taken 19 May 2006.

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