Jolene Twomey and Katie.

Jolene Twomey and Katie (“Jokers Moll”) at the convention on Friday afternoon.

Meeting other Gothamites (Friday)

Meeting others at the convention.

Wally Wingert and Billy Loyd.

Here are some miscellaneous photos taken on Friday at the Motor City Comic Con. At top, Jolene Twomey (“Julie Jr.”) and Katie (“Joker’s Moll”) from the 1966 Batman Message Board.

At left, Wally Wingert and Billy Loyd hang out at Julie Newmar’s desk. Wally seemed to be grazing on the popcorn when I caught up with him.

Other photos

Jolene Twomey and Billy Loyd have some food.

Jolene Twomey and Billy Loyd have some food.

Alex Szolt, the Robin in waiting.

Soon to be Robin

A photo of Alex Szolt on 19 May 2006. He had not coloured his hair yet in preparation for Robin. Alex was exhibiting his Bat Shields; he makes them. Click here for the link.

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