Posing with Johnny Green and the Greenmen

Johnny Green and the Greenmen

Rock band performed in 1967 Batman episode

Johnny Green and the Greenmen in 1967.

Johnny Green and the Greenmen are a rock band that has toured over 100 countries and have performed for notables.

And they are best known for their memorable performance on Batman in 1967. They were the rock musicians who performed in the episode “Surf’s Up, Joker’s Under.” They had a table located next to Malachi Throne’s at the Motor City Comic Con, and we posed with Johnny on Saturday afternoon.

Johnny Green and the Greenmen also would perform that Saturday night at the DoubleTree Inn in Novi that night. And that brings me to an interesting moment.

I was waiting for Christopher “Chazbat” Chaisson and Ken Davis to disrobe from their costumes so that we could get something to eat. While having a couple of Coca-Colas, a lovely looking young lady went to sit beside me, and began chatting with some others. I made a comment or so along the way, and she reacted in a very friendly matter.

I had just encountered Lisa Loring (Wednesday on The Addams Family)!

And Jon Provost (Lassie) was sitting on the other side. Later on, I would run into him and we said hello to each other. Friendly man!

Chris was unavailable, but Ken did come down, and we had a good chat while having supper. Back at the hotel, Scott Sebring and Alex Szolt were throwing a party in their room, concurrent with Johnny Green and the Greenmen’s concert. The film crew from FANatic, the Canadian show, was filming in the room as well. Downstairs, Yvonne Craig and her sister Meridel Carson, along with some of the other performers, were in the audience. Talk about class reunion!!

The night was chaotic, and I was hacking from my allergies. I also lost a small figurine (which I managed to replace the following morning for $2). It was not an easy night for me, but the Greenmen did not disappoint!! They gave a vigorous performance, and I even saw Johnny Green eat fire!! Later on, Wally Wingert performed lead vocals on a couple of songs with the group.

Some more photos …

Johnny Green and King Tut

Johnny Green and King Tut (Billy Loyd).

Johnny Green, Jolene Twomey (the Catwoman), lead singer Alicia and Billy Loyd (King Tut).

In concert at the DoubleTree …

Webmaster’s note

I am sorry that I did not get photos of Johnny Green eating fire, but I was concerned that such photos might be distracting and cause a problem. No flash was used for these photographs because I wanted to capture the atmosphere of the event.

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