Catfan dons a Batman cowl!

Catfan puts on a cowl!

A huge scandal took place the night of 20 May 2006!

The Catfan himself put on a 1966 Batman cowl!

Who would have thought?!?

I happened to be attending the party in Scott Sebring’s room. Several 1966-style cowls were on display. The Canadian film crew weren’t there yet.

Two years ago or so, someone did a Photoshop project of me in a 1966 cowl. This time around, I decided to see what I would look like in that cowl. It fit comfortably enough, though my nose was scrunched in.

Who could have imagined that I would put on such a thing on my head? As a 7-year-old kid, I don’t ever recall play-acting Batman with my friends. I was not one who was much for fighting. Back then, I wanted to be either a cartoonist or a traffic engineer, since I liked traffic signals. I was a fan of Batman, but the thought of role playing just did not exist.

This cowl, by the way, was made by Chuck Williams. Other cowls on display included those made by Ken Davis and Wally Wingert, as well as Mark Racop and Brett Vasey. They were very nice!


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