Kitty spoils!

Some of my “kitty spoils” sit in the front of my car, as I travel through Ontario. Photo was taken on Ontario Provincial Route 403.

The trip back

Photos taken before leaving for New York State.

Driving in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

In Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Driving down US Route 20 in Genesee County, NY.

Traveling down US Route 20 in Genesee County, New York.

Leaving not a moment too soon, eh?

I finally left Detroit around 1 p.m., because I was tired out and because I had a long drive back to New York State. I got up the nerve to drive to Port Huron, Michigan, where I would cross the border to Sarnia, Ontario. There, I would take Ontario Provincial Route 403 to the 401, then cross over to the Queen Elizabeth Way to Niagara Falls, Ontario, where I would cross back into the US.

Click here for a little serenade by B.J. Thomas.

I expected nothing but trouble at the border crossings, because of the political turmoil in the US. However, I encountered no problems whatsoever. Ontario’s provincial roads were easier to deal with than the Interstates in Pennsylvania and Ohio, if only because of the reduced distance. I watched my gas consumption, and managed to fill up outside of Buffalo.

I was nearly rear ended outside of Grand Island, New York when the toll booth attendant decided to close his lane. This confused me, and I stopped short. Talk about stupidity! I had been on the road for so many hours, and did not need that. From Buffalo onward, the trip was smooth, and I got about 38 miles per gallon.

This was one rough experience, but it was still a lesson learned. And I want to think that I made some valuable contacts. I want to thank Dan Rodriguez and my mother for helping me to get there, and for board members whom I had not met in person.

Cat spoils

I did not leave Michigan empty handed!

Kitty loot!

From left: 2003 Catwoman action figure; replacement purple Balent Catwoman ($2); and a porcelain statue that I got as a steal.

Closeup of the action figures.

Closeups of the action figures.

False Face mask!

False Face mask!

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