Bat Camaro, 21st Century

Donna Loren

Timothy J. Forbes with Donna Loren

Thank God for Donna Loren!

Meeting her changed my mood around 180 degrees. I was disappointed because of the equipment problems I was experiencing, as well as the fear I would disappoint other people there as a result. Talking with her was a real joy, and she is such a favoured moll (along with Jill St. John) that I plan to write an episode of Carrie's World around her character, Susie.

Susan Silo

Susan Silo

Ms. Silo played "Mousie" in the second Riddler episode. A truly classy lady!

Deanna Lund

Deanna Lund at the NJ Comic Expo 13 November 2011Deanna Lund at the NJ Comic Expo 13 November 2011

Two views of The Riddler's moll from early 1967, she played opposite John Astin's Riddler. She was also a regular in the 1968-70 series Land of the Giants, along with Gary Conway. A super nice lady!

Terry Moore

Terry Moore, with Tom Jeron

The veteran actress, with con organizer Tom Jeron, on 13 November 2011. A true legend, she played "Venus," opposite Cesar Romero's Joker in early 1967!

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