John Stacks and his son Clayton.

Super Mega Show 2005

Page 1: The event begins

Catfan Timothy Forbes attended the Super Mega Show on 9-10 July 2005 in Secaucus, NJ. This was his first time attending an event, and the first time meeting celebrated people.

His day began on a nervous note, when traffic forced him into a wrong turn. He knew what to look for, though, and made his way back to the facility. He arrived by 10 a.m., and promptly made his way over to the booth for Johnny's Resins. There, he met John Stacks and his family.

Timothy soon saw Burt Ward stroll over, and chat with John. Fred Westbrook, Adam West's manager, also briefly chatted with John. Adam himself soon arrived. The show was on!

John Stacks assists a customer.



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