Super Mega Show 2005

Page 4: Catwoman and Catfan sit in the Batmobile; Dan Rodriguez displays “Rock Star”

Catfan sits in the

I finally got a chance to sit in the Batmobile!

And Catwoman got to ride shotgun with me!

I had learned that Dan Rodriguez was exhibiting his vehicles in the garage by the main showroom. I walked out there, and asked if I could get my photo taken. After 39½ years, I finally got to sit in the George Barris Batmobile. I never would have imagined this as a 6½-year-old on Wednesday, 12 January 1966, when I saw this vehicle for the first time in Batman .

Now only if it came with Jill St. John and Selina Kyle!

Now for some information concerning this particular Batmobile:

This particular relica of the famed George Barris Batmobile is itself a movie star in its own right. In 2001, this car was featured in the movie “Rock Star,” which also starred some other actors, including two named Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston.





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