Super Mega Show 2005

Page 6: Some Time by New York City!

A rainbow over Manhattan.

After the show closed for the day, the Batfans and Catfans decided to do a little sightseeing. More specifically, we got into our vehicles, and traveled over to a ledge from where we could look at the New York City skyline. One of the show’s celebrated guests was present, but this was a private time.

What I could not pass up was a chance to take some spectacular photos. Above, a photo of mid- to upper Manhattan, with a rainbow in view. Below, the cause of said rainbow:

Stormy weather in upper Manhattan and The Bronx.

Ship docked in Manhattan.

Please forgive me, but I am not sure what ship was docked in Manhattan. It was an important Navy ship, and I am wondeirng if it is the U.S.S. Enterprise.

At the Gotham City Diner

Our travels took us over to the Gotham City Diner, a pleasant eatery that seems tailor-made for Gothamites, bat and feline alike. Here, we had a chance to talk with each other as well as have some well-needed nourishment:

Shemp, Leahblueeyes and John Patterson.


As one could tell, I was fading out!

As one could tell, I was fading out!

Patrons are greeted by the Caped Crusader when they enter the restaurant.

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