Comic book stores

Sarah Louis of Atomic Comics.

Now if I only had the money …

Major comic book stores were present at the New York Comic Con. Manhattan’s major dealers were there, and had special coupons for their sale items. And they had many things to sell!

Atomic Comics, based out of Phoenix, Arizona, was also there. Sarah Louis, at right, greeted me, and she was most helpful in explaining what her store did. Imagine, a mobile comic book store! I told her—jokingly, of course(!)—that I wish I could get my hands on Fort Knox, so that I could make some serious purchases. Indeed, there were action figures, statues and Bat belt buckles available.

And indeed, there were some MAJOR deals to be made at the comic con. I was impressed at many of the prices on comics, as well as statues and action figures. And there were many vintage items, as well as newer ones.

John Patterson at the New York Comic Con 2007.

John Patterson, at left, mans the booth at Media Blasters. He gave me the JIm Balent-style Catwoman at the 2005 Super Mega Show. It was a pleasure to see him again.

The string puppets (right) date from 1977. Interesting retro find!

More pics may be on the way.

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