Memorabilia from "Land of the Giants"

Funny, I was thinking about Gary Conway on my way down to the show. Lo and behold, memorabilia from his 1968-70 ABC series, "Land of the Giants."

pbraneworld at the New York Comic Con, 2009.

Lots of stuff to buy!

The Merchandising!

A lot of cool stuff available!!

One reason I went to this trip was to get good deals on comic publications, and I was not disappointed! I came home with a copy of The Dark Knight Strikes Again, as well as three volumes of Showcase Presents Batman.

I was so sorely tempted to get a bootleg copy of the 1966 Batman series. Given my current economic situation, though, it would not have been wise. Still, there was so much for sale, it was unreal, and so cool, too!

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