New York Comic Con 2009Dancing with R2D2 at the New York Comic Con

Above, dancing with R2D2. Below, Chewbacca!

Meeting Chewbacca at the New York Comic Con, 2009.

Star Wars

Dancin' with R2D2 and meeting Chewbacca!!

One thing I've noticed is the involvement of Star Wars fans at the comic conventions, and New York in 2009 was no exception! You have to admire them for the work they do with their costuming; it can be very costly, but worth the expense!

I spotted the dancing, remote-controlled R2D2 not long after I got in the door. Later on, MTV was interviewing this Chewbacca. Much to my chagrin, I missed a fellow 1966 Batman Message Board member who was also dressed as Chewbacca.

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