Maggie Baird: “We Sail”

Eclectic album almost an extension of the Birds of Prey soundtrack—and then some

Maggie Baird promo

By Timothy J. Forbes

Singing Catwomen are nothing new. Eartha Kitt's biggest success was as a singer, and Niki Rubin, the purple-clad Catwoman, gave a concert in New York in summer 2009.

I was most surprised when I was contacted by, her recording company, about her new album, “We Sail.” And it is a pleasant surprise, because this eclectic album has some very interesting tracks. Among them:

Many of the other songs are acoustic in nature, and the album is like a continuation of the Birds of Prey soundtrack. And that is meant as a compliment. Not that this album is dependent on the 2002-2003 series. Not at all. But like the soundtrack, Ms. Baird's album has an appealing sound that is a welcome relief from so much of the noise that passes itself off as music these days.

Definitely recommended listening!


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