Batman: No Man’s Land (2007)

LEGO animation film features notables

Catwoman on film.

Niki Rubin and Eric Smiegiel are among the performer lending their vocal talents to the LEGO animated film, Batman: No Man’s Land. Currently in preproduction in Great Britain, this film is scheduled for release in 2007.

Oh, and the Webmaster of this site, Catfan himself, has a role as well!

According to the film’s Web site:

“Gotham City was all but levelled by a vast earthquake. Abandoned by the United States government, sealed off from the outside world, the devastated Gotham City becomes a wasteland left to be claimed by the criminals and madmen who escape Arkham Asylum.

“The last fragment of hope is lost, when Batman seemingly abandons the City. Even with the help of Batgirl, Robin (Tommy M), Nightwing (Thomas Pugliese), Oracle and Catwoman (Niki Rubin, credited as Niki Notarile), order restoration seems miles away—especially when Joker (Eric Smigiel) and Bane cause chaos in Gotham. Hope lies in the Dark Knight's return …”

Some casting remains to be done. However, stay tuned for more updates!

Link: The official site


Catfan’s sound byte!

A sound audition was done for the role of Commissioner Gordon. Click here for the sound clip!

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